Monday, January 12, 2009

Are You Sure You Aren't Paying To Much

I have been super busy over the lat few weeks and one of the many tasks that I had to do was set my father-in-law up on the internet, and he wanted me to check into the All Distance program that AT&T has. So, I made the call. And honestly I was quite shocked to learn that they were quoting me $35 a month for his All Distance and $30 for his high speed internet. I pay $50 a month for this service.
So, as soon as I got home, I picked up the phone and called AT&T. They have just reduced their rates, and of course the more services you have with them the more you save. Because I have 3 services (phone, mobile, dish) with them, I am now only paying $30 a month for All Distance.
If you have these services, be sure to give them a call, a five minute phone call is saving me $50 a month.

On another note, I am once again comparing mobile plans. When I called and asked about a family plan with 2 lines with unlimited, I was quoted $229 a month, even after I explained that I have been using the 450 minute plan for the last three months and already have 1000 roll over minutes but my husband talks a lot with business. Then we went in the store today, to have numbers transferred from one phone the other and I start asking questions again. The sales person I talked to was so helpful and pointed out that to have 1 phone with unlimited it is $99 a month. To have 2 phones it is $229, but to have 1 phone with unlimited and 1 phone with 450 minutes is $139 a month and we still get free mobile to mobile.

What's the point, well by asking more questions, I was able to save $90 a month on my mobile bill and $20 a month on my All Distance Services. I will be contacting Dish Satelite soon to see what awesome new deals that have available.

Please note that they aren't going to call you and say you can save money if they change your plan, you have to make a call.

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