Sunday, November 30, 2008


I just love opening my inbox to find out that I have won one of the giveaways I have entered. Today was no exception. This is what I found in my inbox today.

"Hi Deane,
Good news! You won my first giveaway on The Nifty Thrifty Homemaker! Krisi from Krisi's Kards will be contacting you shortly to discuss the design of your card. Enjoy!
The Nifty Thrifty Homemaker"

Thanks Christina for hosting such a wonderful giveaway! I have been shopping for Christmas Cards and know I know they will be great!

You can't win if you don't enter, make sure you enter my giveaway!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My First GiveAway!

I just love giveaways! I love entering them, I love winning the, and I love hosting them. That's right I am hosting my first every giveaway here at My Frugal LifeStyle. Thanks to the people at Center Street Books, they are providing one of my readers a chance to win a copy of the book "The Paper Bag Christmas". See my previous post for my review of this book, it is wonderful. I just can't say enough good things about this novel. I am cherishing my copy.

So, how do you win:

-It's easy post a comment below, telling me what you cherish most about the holiday season. Be sure to include a way for me to get in touch with you if you aren't a blogger.

-What an extra chance to win, simply blog about this contest and provide a link back for your readers and then leave a seperate comment telling me you did so.

-And for a thrid entry you can subscribe to my blog.

A Winner will be announced on Dec 10th.
Easy enough right! Good Luck!

Be sure to stop by Internet Cafe Devotions for tons of other Giveaways.

* This giveaway is now closed! Thanks to all that participated.

The Paper Bag Christmas

I have a gem to share with you today. I was recently asked by Center Street Books if I would like to review a book entitled "The Paper Bag Christmas", of course I agreed I just love Christmas stories. I can honestly say that this book is like no other I have ever read. The author Kevin Alan Milne truly reached out throw this book and touched me. I was moved to tears on several occasions through out this story. As I finished this story I was inspired to teach my children the gift of giving through acts of kindness.

"The Paper Bag Christmas" is a story of two little boys whose parents insist on taking them to the mall to visit Santa even though they aren't sure they believe in Santa any longer. As they wait in a never ending line they are given a wish list to fill out. The boys fill in every line on their Christmas wish list to give to Santa and when they final get the chance to give Santa their list he informs them that they won't be getting anything on their Christmas wish list, but that they will receive something better. You see, the Santa at the mall is Dr. Chris Ringle a pediatric oncologist that through the help of the boy's parents have the boys help him as elves at the local children's ward. On the night they are to show up to help they learn that they will be helping on an ongoing basis until the Christmas party, and Dr. Ringle assigns each of the boys a special task. Aaron the older brother has been asked befriend and get the Christmas wishl ist from Madhu (a little boy waiting on a kidney transplant) who is not Christian and does not believe, but is very curious about our holidays. Molar the younger brother has a bit more difficult. He has been asked to befriend and get the Christmas wish list from a little girl named Katrina she to is a patient of the hospital. She has recently lost all of her family and suffered from cancer. Previous surgeries have left the little girl badly scarred and she has shut herself off from everyone around her. Through the actions of these two little boys true Christmas miracles do happen.

This story will touch the lives of all who read it. I can't wait to share it with my children. I encourage each of you to get a copy today. It will change and redirect your focus this holiday season.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday was a Bust

I am a bit dissapointed this year. My hubby was up sick most of the night so I didn't get out of the house until 9:oo this morning. I missed out on most of the big items that I wanted, well mainly the trampoline that was $140, so my shopping this morning was very limited.

This is all I managed to find worth buying this morning:
2 pj bottoms - $4 each
2 pr PJs - $4 each
2 Track Suits for hubby - $8 each
2 Littlest Pet Shops VIPS - $7 each
1 Fisher Price Walker to Wagon - $10

So needless to say, I still have the majority of my shopping to do. so keep checking back for lots of hot deals.

You can check out my updated Christmas Budget and List Here!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Limited Too B1G1F plus 30% and $5 shipping

For all of us with adorable little girls that just LOVE Limited Too here is a deal for you!
Right now online Limited Too has a B1G1F sale (entire stock, and I don't believe they have to be like items), even the WebKinz are included.
To make the deal sweeter use code 572 or 758 to get an additional 30% off.
Orders over $75 get $5 shipping!
And don't forget to log onto Ebates and then go to Limited Too to get an additional 4% back.
*For those of us that shop this store often now this deal is one of the best they ever have.
Edited to Add that clearance is included and they have several Webkinz on clearance.

Give Me GiveAways! 11/25

We all know how much I like give aways so I thought I would share with you all the Giveways that Stephanie is hosting a Confessions of a Coupon Junkie.

GiveAway #1 - $200 worth of misc. coupons, for those of you just getting started this is a great way to build up your coupon stash.....

GiveAway #2 - a pair of Lia Sophia earrings

GiveAway #3 - a slide from Lia Sophia

These are some great giveaways so go enter!

What a Wonderful Day to Start The Day!

The first thing I do everyday after logging on, is check my email. It is always so nice to get a little surprise when reading them. Today, I received this message:

"Congrats Deane, you have won the Personalized Novel by BookbyYou. The information they need is, your email address and your first and last name. They will be in contact with you as soon as I send them the info.Congrats again. Check out other great contest I have going on.

:)Happy Thanksgiving,Sassy"

I am so excited! Bailey is going to love this. She has just taken a true interest in readng for the pleasure of reading so I am hoping this will be a pleasant suprise for her, as I won't be telling her she is the Star of the book until she reads it.

Thanks Sassy for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

This is another $30 gift that has cost me nothing! Yeah ME!!! Now if I can just win that shirt!
*Edited I received my gift certificate from BooksBy You and it was for $44.90! I was able to get the book, have it upgraded to add her picture and have it shipped to my home for free!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Few Great GiveAways Worth Mentioning!

The Sassy Southener is currently hosting two giveaways!
First a Bookby You novel giveaway where you are the star character.
And Second, a Hardworking Woman shirt giveaway!
Both would make awesome prizes for you or gifts for loved ones. Be sure to check them out. The BookbyYou ends tonight so don't wait!

My Junk Drawer is currently hosting a Mia Bella Candle giveaway valued at $32.90.
Here's what you'll get if you win the contest:
16oz. Hollyberry Balsam scented Mia Bella Gourmet Candle (Fruit & Spice combine with the fresh forest scent of balsam to bring you this intriguing aroma.)
Mystic Melon scented Bella Bar Gourmet Cleansing Bar
4 candle votives in misc. scents

Black Friday Shopping!

I have to say that I shop Black Friday every year and am very surprised at the number of people who feel it is not worth the trouble. There are several reasons I shop Black Friday.
1. The Prices - have literately saved thousands
2. The kids are still asleep and aren't whinning to go with you - mine are often still asleep when I get home so it makes it easier to get things put up without them spying them.
3. I get the bulk of my shopping sone within a few hours.

I was going to write some tips to share with you but Thrifty Mama just posted hers and well, why reinvent the wheel? Check out her tips here!
I would add that a lot of retailers will also have their sales available online so read those flyiers carefully, it could save you a lot of stops since most of the sales go into effect at midnight on Thanksgiving.
When shopping online, shop through ebates. Not only do they give you $5 for signing up, they yu also get a % of all of your purchases.
Check for online coupons and codes. Many will have a free shipping online code available. So take the time to look for them. is a great place to find them, I also run a general search before making a purchase.

Now I am also being asked how I know what is going on sale. Here are some of the awesome sites I am using to find the Black Friday Deal.

Wal-Mart Black Friday Ad Here

Hot Coupon World has always been my most reliable source! So far they have tons of ads up and I'm sure more will be added daily as they become available.

Don't Forget Those Budgets

This will be a very hectic week for me. Generally by this point in my Christmas shopping I have bought most of our smaller gifts only holding out for the Black Friday Sales for the large gifts. Well, I haven't done so hot this year with Dallas being out of town. See, I like for Dallas and I to do the Christmas shopping together so he knows exactly what I'm spending where and on who. It makes it so much easier on me to, when I have a sounding board.

With that being said, Dallas flys home tommorrow night, my birthday is Wednesday, Thursday is Thanksgiving, and Friday is Black Friday. I am exhausted already, but I am really excited to get the tree up and get the gifts under it.

Here is my original Christmas Budget with gifts that I have already purchased.

Chelsea wants a new iphone/ipod thingy (I have no idea what this is just that it is $300), new bedding, and lots of clothes.

Hannah wants a Kitchen, a Jumper (trampoline), Snow White and a Leapster.

Bailey wants a DS and an electric scooter.

Jered wants a DS.

And little Colt is just along for the ride.

Oh and my dear husband wants a new pair of ostrich boots ($450) with matching belt ($150) and buckle set ($250). I just not sure he's been this good this year! LOL! However, I know that in addition to whatever else he gets me this year, I will be getting a new laptop and I know that he will spare no expense so I will only get the best of the best (it's a thing with him, he is not very frugal, he is definitely a bigger is better kinda guy). With that being said, he doesn't ask for much. He travels most of the time to provide well for our family, so I'm sure Santa will be generous to him this year as well.

So that leaves me to the shopping!
I haven't found a killer deal on the kitchen yet, which by the way Colt will love as much as Hannah. I plan on putting it in my office so they can play while I work on the computer. And because my office is downstairs and the gameroom is upstairs, and I'm just not ready for my little man to be out of my site yet.

Walmarts BlackFriday deals include:
The Leapster @ $30
The Trampoline with security net @ $140
8" digital picture frames @ $39 (I'm thinking grandparents)
They also have kids jeans for $4 a pair and PJs too, so I will be buying some of these, not for Christmas particularly but because we can always use a few more pair of jeans and jammies.
Their 2 day sale includes:
Mario DS system @ $129 (I think)

None of the kids have mentioned a Wii lately, so Santa might be changing his mind and bringing them something else. I think the Trampoline will probably be a Santa gift as well since it will be a family gift and I won't have to wrap it.

If you don't have a budget yet, sit down and take a few minutes to get a game plan. The holidays should be fun and exciting not stressful because we overspent and will struggle to get them paid off. And controll those impulse purchases. Don't be afraid to return something that you bought that you probably shouldn't have.

Wishing you and your families a blessed Holiday season!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Give Me My Money Back

While looking at my receipts I noticed that 2 of the P&G eSaver coupons I had loaded didn't come off. I thought I had done everything right so I contacted the P&G eSaver customer service help desk via email and told them that I had purchased both the Herbal Essence and the Gilette Razors and after looking at my receipt the loaded coupon did not come off. They responded very quickly asking for specific info including my receipt number and the exact product purchased ect. I responded with the necessary information, and within just a few hours, I get a response. This was the email that I got:
"Hi Deane-

Thanks for contacting the P&G eSaver help center. We've added a $5 coupon off your total order to your card since the Herbal Essences and Mach 3 Coupons did not work. We apologize for the incovenience. This $5 coupon will be applied on your next shopping trip."
That is $5 to spend on anything I want. For just a few minutes of my time, they were able to credit me the missing coupons, so it is always worth it to contact customer service. P&GeSaver was very professional and responsive to my questions.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Free Olay Ribbons Body Wash

$3.99 Olay Ribbons Body Wash (10 fl oz)
$3.99 Olay Ribbons Body Wash (10 fl oz)

-B1G1 Free $3.99 PG Loadable Coupon
-$2.00 (Olay Bar Pack, Body Wash, or In-Shower Body Lotion, any ONE) 11-2 PG
-$2.00 (Olay Bar Pack, Body Wash, or In-Shower Body Lotion, any ONE) 11-2 PG
= FREE (well actually you make 1 cent )
*Thanks to HCW

You Get What You Pay For

As most of you know we are currently leasing our home because our lease payment is about half of what we would expect our mortgage payment on this home to be, and we have the option of purchasing it when our lease expires.

Well, one of the great things about leasing a home is that we aren't responsible for the repairs, unless of course we cause the damage. On the down side of that we are at our landlords mercy on how timely the repairs get made. We have an unusual clause in our lease that states that we are to contact a thrid party to handle repairs, not the owner.

Anyway, as of today, we have been in the house for 3 months. Wow, where does the time go?? Within the first week of us moving in, actually the first time I filled up my big Jacuzzi BathTub I realized that it wasn't working and called the thrid party. It took multiple phone calls and then a strongly worded email to the landlord before anyone came to look at it 8 weeks later. Well, when they came out they took the pump from the tub and left everything disconnected leaving the tub inoperatable.

Well, yesterday was three weeks that not only has the tub not worked but that I haven't been able to use the tub at all. So I am quite feed up with the third party repairman, and take the liberty of calling my landlord. I explain my frustrations and request that she offers some type of allowance for us not having this ammentity. She said that she didn't set the rental price based on the ammentities but on her expenses. So I explained to her that I didn't agree to the price of the rental based on her expenses, but based on what I was getting for my money and I didn't feel that I was getting all that I was paying for.

The outcome: She offered me a retroactive $100 a month allowance for each month that the tub is inoperatible. So the December's payment will be short $300, and if it isn't fixed before the end of the month, I will deduct another $100 in January.

So, long story short. If you aren't getting what you are paying for it is your responsiblity to voice your concerns and to ask to be made whole. I did not request $100 but some form of credit. She could have easily said no, but after hearing my arguement offered the $100. If I would not have taken the time to call and ask, I would have received nothing.

Now, I have an additional $300 in my budget to spend. Wherever will I spend it??

Only 1 insert this Weekend

It looks like there will only be one insert of coupons in the paper this weekend. You can check the TaylorTown Preview to see which coupons will be included.
And just a note to all of you new couponers, next weekend is a major holiday weekend so there probably wn't be any coupon inserts in the paper.

Coupon Party Today!

Today's the DAY!!
Ok, so I'm a little overwhelmed this morning and I didn't get everything together that I wanted to, but I am still really excited about tonight. I hope that what I have to share will save all of you some money!

100 Posts

Wow! I can believe that I have already made 100 post on my blog! It isn't quite 3 months old yet, so I am a pretty happy! I hope that all of this posting I am doing is saving someone a lot of $$$$!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Betty Crocker Coupon Book

Sign up here to get a coupon book worth $10 from Betty Crocker. These are generally very good coupons.

Yoplait Kids Yogurt Coupons

Good when you buy any flavor Yoplait Kids Cup Yogurt or Yogurt Drink

This is a great coupon get yours before they are gone, remember to hit the back button and refresh if necessary to print two.

Albertson's Shopping Trip 11/17

*not pictured is 1 Gallon of Milk and 2 double papers

9 Dial 3pk Bar Soap Reg. $2.99, Sale $1.67
used $.30 mfg tripled & $.75 store q = $.02 each

8 Dial Liquid Soap Reg. $2.29, Sale $1
used $.30 mfg tripled = $.10 each

1 Country Bob BBQ Sauce Reg $3.19
used FREE mfg q = FREE

4 Allen's Canned Veg All Reg. $1.39
used $.35 mdf tripled = $.34

4 Kellogg's Rice Krispies Reg $3.79 Sale $1.89
used $1 mfg q = $.89 each

8 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Reg $3.79 Sale $1.89
used $1 mfg q = $.89 each

8 Worchestershire Sauce Reg $1.99 Sale $1.67
used FREE mfg q = FREE

4 Cheezit Crackers Reg $4.29 Sale $2.50
used $1 mfg q = $1.50

4 Kellogg's Crispix Reg $3.39 Sale $1.69
used $1 mfg q = $.69 each

4 Kellogg's Mini Wheats Reg $3.69 Sale $1.84
used $1 mfg q = $.84 each

1 Albertson's Gallon Milk Reg $3.79
2 Double Star Telegrams Reg $1.99

Total Value $168.63
Total OOP $32.91

Savings of 81%

A Quick Trip to Target

I have been sorting and organizing coupons all weekend trying to get ready for my couponing class, when I found a stack of coupons that I had set aside to use and forgot about.

Well, one of the coupons was the $3/3 Johnson's Buddies

So, while on a quick trip to Target last night for alarm clocks for the kiddos, I snagged:
18 - Buddy Bars - $.97 each less coupon $-.03
So I used the $.54 overage towards the purchase of alarm clocks.

*Dana I saved plenty of coupons for you!

Just a note for those with Super Targets: Target has reactivated their AcherFarms Coffee Coupons for $1 and the $2 Steak Printable Coupons.
There are $.99 Archer Farm coffees in a variety of favors, I have been told they were good, but I honestly don't know since I don't drink coffee. But they will make nice little thank you gifts for teachers and such sitting in a cute mug for the dollar store.
And if you look for the small or individual steak packages, those $2 coupons could make for some really cheap steak. Just a thought, since there isn't a limit on how many you can print.

Kroger Shopping Trip

This was my Friday's quick run to Krogers (sorry it has taken so long to get it up) I don't have the receipt in front of me, but if I find it I will come back and include reg. prices.

2 - Tortilla Chips $2.29 ea (need for party)
4 - Cans Campbell's Nacho Cheese Soup $1.50 ea (needs for party)
4 - Tubes Cologate Toothpaste - FREE
4 - Hefty Storage Bags - $.45 ea
3 - Qauker Oatmeal - FREE
9 - Tubs Betty Crocker Icing - $-.75 (they paid ME)
9 - Packages of Bic Razors - FREE
1 - 19lb Turkey - FREE

Total OOP: Less than $6

Before Shopping at Kroger

Before you begin shopping at Kroger you need to do a few things:
First you need a Kroger Savings Card, you can get this by going to Customer Service and requesting one. They are free to you and save you tons of money, you don't get the sales prices without it.

Next you need to register your Kroger Card with the following sites. They allow you to load coupons directly to you Kroger Card, and can be used in combination with a paper mfg q and/or a store q. Which gives you even greater savings.

Free Pillsbury Coupon Booklet

Free Pillsbury Coupon Booklet
Pillsbury just came out with a great new offer that you'll want to take advantage of if you like Pillsbury products. Sign at Pillsbury for their newsletter HERE and you'll receive a free $10 coupon booklet in the mail!
Make sure you get yours today, these won't last long!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kroger Sneak Peek 11/19 - 11/25

Kroger 10 for $10 Sale
*you don't have to buy 10
*remember when printing coupons to use the back button to print each coupon twice,
also you can print twice per computer
Krogen Frozen Vegs = $1
Green Giant Boxed Vegs = FREE
$.50/1 GG boxed veggie loadable at
$.50/2 GG boxed veggie loadable at
$.50/1 Printable won't double
$0.50/2 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables, Any - 10-05-08 GM
(so, if you load all of these qs and have the $.50/2 insert q = 3 boxes for free vegs, with inserts $1 for 3)
Birds Eye steamfresh = FREE
$0.35/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh Frozen Vegetables Or Frozen Rice, Any - 10-12-08 SS (Insert x11/22/08)
$0.35/1 Birds Eye steamfresh, any bag (Blinkie x11/17/08)
FREE with $.05 overage
Stove Top Stuffing = $1
Heinz Gravy = $.67 each wyb 3
$1.00/3 Heinz Homestyle Gravy, Any Jar Insert x11/18/08
Duracell 2 ct AA or AAA = FREE orOverage on 1
$0.50/1 Duracell Insert Q
Cool Whip Tub = $1
Sprite = $1
Sierra Mist = $1
7-up = $1
Duncan Hines Cake Mix = $1
Del Monte Pineapple = $1
McCormick Grinders = $.25
$0.25/1 McCormick Spice or Extract Insert Q
Kroger Black Pepper or Paprika = $1
Pasta/Rice a Roni = $1
Libby's canned Pumpkin = $.50 each
Le SeuerPeas = $1
Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce = $1
Hot Wheels = $1
GiantCandyBars , Hershey's, Cadbury, Symphony or Nestle's = $1
Other Sales Items:
Boneless Strip Steak super value pack $4.99 lb limit 2 w/add'l $10 purchase.
Jennie-O Grade A frozen Turkey $.39 lb limit 1 w/ add'l $20 purchase
Angus Ground Chuck $1.99 lb
Kroger Spiral Ham $1.99 lb
Jennie-O Fresh Turkey Grade A .99 lb limit 1 w/add'l $10 purchase
Del Monte Gold Pineapple $1.97
Kroger Shredded, Bar or slices $1.67
Springdale milk 2.99 limit 2 2/add'l $10 purchase
(on sale for $2.50 this week go tomorrow and bu for next week)
Driscoll's Blackberries $1.25
Fresh 12 oz bag of Cranberries $1.88
Pepsi or Dr.Pepper 12 pk 5 for $12 = $2.40 each wyb 5
Kroger Broth 2 for $.88
Kroger canned veggies 2 for $1.09
Kroger Mandarin Oranges $.75
Kroger Foil $2.29
Jiffy Corn muffin mix $.39
Morrison Corn Kits $.39
Campbell's Cream of Chicken or Mushroom 4 for $3
$0.35/4 Campbell's Condensed Soups Insert = 4/$1.95
$1.00/4 Campbell's Condensed Soups Insert = 4/$2
$0.25/4 Campbell's Condensed Soups Insert 4/$2.25
Peppridge Farm Stuffing Mix $2.69
French's Fried Onions $2.99
Ozarka 24 pk or 12 pk sports bottles $3.99
Pillsbury Frozen Rolls or Biscuits $1.99
Pillsbury Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls 8ct $1.52
$0.35/1 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls Insert
Ok that's all I have time for now, maybe I'll get some more up later.
If you see a deal you really want you have time to get qs, look at or ebay (where I get a lot of mine)

Free Ensure Shake Coupon

For those of you new to couponing, I would have this coupon mailed. A lot of stores have stopped taking IPs for free products.
And these are great for donating if you are interested in them for yourself!

Free RedBox Movie Rental

Today's Movie Code:
*Movie must be turne back in by 9pm tomorrow our your cc will be charges $1 a day!

Coupon Party This Thursday!

I have a very busy week ahead of me! I am hosting my first every coupon party on Thursday night and well I still have a lot to get together. I am planning a few games with prizes along with a few door prizes to keep things interesting. I am very excited about sharing the information with so many of you that are truly showing an interest in saving money and cutting your grocry bill back.

So just FYI, between preparing for this party and Wednesday being booked solid with dentist, helping friends out, and church the my postings mught be few and far between.

I also want to mention my dear friend Dana! Those of you who know me personally more than likely know Dana as well. Dana is the friend that convinced me to "teach a class". She has literatelly been my guneia pig and my support. She is already scoring some awesome deals, so hopefully after the party you will all also be able to achieve her success.

Thanks Dana, I really do appreciate you!

The Couponing Party is:
Thursday Nov 20th
at 6:00 pm
at my home

Let me know if you need directions! I look forward to seeing you all here!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Swagbucks GiftCards

I've earned enough points to cash in on another Amazon giftcard, but with this new promotion I think I am going to hold onto them and see how many more I can earn.
Swagbucks has just annouced Mega Swag Bucks! Now you can win 10, 20, 50, & 100 swagbucks when you do searched. In addition this month they started Swag Buck Fridays, were they guarantee 1000 swag bucks to be given away!

For those of you that haven't heard of Swagbucks, they are a online search engine that I started using about a month or so ago. Everytime I search I just go to their site first. I really like that I don't have to down load anything in order to be able to take advantage of this program. Oh, and that it is 100% free! So if you haven't joined sign up you have nothing to lose.

My Thrifty Christmas Ornament

Crystal at The Thrifty Mama is hosting a Thrifty Christmas Round up, so I thought I would participate and share some of my thrifty Christmas Tree Decor.

Living in TX, I like things just a little rustic, so I love this ornament and can't wait to remember to request paper bags so the kids and I can make some.

My Paper Bag Ornament
Brown Paper Bags
Yarn or Ribbon
A Hole Punch
A Template for the shape of your choose. About 4" wide

I cut stars (but you can cut any shape that you like) out of brown paper sacks. I generally find a template on line and print it, and then use it as my pattern.

Then I will stack them together and use a hole punch to punch holes around the edges.

Once you holes are punched, take two stars and put them together (of course with any print on the inside) and let you Kids sew them together with yarn or a pretty ribbon.

I generally glue on a small raffia bow at the top and they are done.

Just before they are done, I take a small piece of newspaper and wrinkle it up to stuff inside to make it puffy, and then finish the sewing by tying a pretty bow.

I like the basic rustic look of the paperbag ornament, but you could also let your children draw or color on the paper bag before you begin for a keepsake ornament.

Additionally, My sister often ads a Cowboy hat to the top of tree to save on the cost of a tree topper.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Walgreens $5 off $20 Today and Tomorrow Only

Walgreens has another $5 off $20 coupon out for Today and Tomorrow. The great thing about this coupon is you can print and use as many as you need.
If you haven't already purchased your Free After Rebate items this month, now is the time to do it.

CVS Sneek Peek!!

If you are planning on buying batteries for this holiday season, CVS is where you want to be on Sunday morning. This is a pretty hot deal, so I don't expect there to be much stock left if you wait around until later in the week.

Duracell batteries are Spend $20 get $15 ECBS (limit 3)

There are $.75, $1, and $1.50 coupons from the 10/26 SS insert to make this deal better. I have heard that there are also $5/2 CVS coupons, but I have not gotten one yet. Just make sure you scan your card at the scanner before you check out just in case you are one of the lucky ones.

Also just a note to my newbies, do this in three transations so you can roll you ECBs. Spend $20 (less coupons) OOP on your 1st transaction, then $5 (less coupons) OOP and $15 ECBS (from tran 1) on your second transaction, and then $5 (less coupons) OOP and $15 ECBs (from tran 2) on the thrid transaction. So in the end depending on which coupons you had, you should spend $30 or less OOP and still have $15 ECBS.

My Albertson's Haul 11/13

Well, I told you there were some deals to be had, but my shopping trip turned out much better than I had planned. Heres what I got!

5 - C&H 4lb Sugars Reg $2.49 Sale $1.67
used $.35 mfg q = $.62 each
4 - 12 pk Diet Cokes Reg. $4.99 Sale $4.00 B3G1
5 - 2lt Coke Products Reg. $1.89 Sale $1.25 B4G1
4 - Philadelphia Cream Cheese Reg. $2.49 Sale $1.85
used Free Coupon = FREE
12 - Keebler Sandies Cookies Reg. $3.99 Sale $1.50
used $1 mfg Peelie = $.50 each
6 - Frosted Flakes Reg. $3.49 Sale $1.74
used $1 printable = $.74 each
1 - Frosted Mini Wheat Reg. $3.99 Sale $1.84
used $1 printable = $.84
1 - Cheerios Reg. $3.19 Sale $1.59
used $1 mfg q = $.59
4 - 3pk Dial Soap Reg. $2.99 Sale $1.67
used $.75 store q & $.30 mfg q = $.02 each
10 - Loreal Vive Sham/Cond Reg. $5.29 Sale B1G1
used $1.50 store q & $1 mfg q = $.15 each
30 - Loreal Lip Glosses Reg. $7.99 Clearanced $1.99
used $2 mfg q = $(.01) each
1 - 64 oz Apple Juice $1.89
1 - Sunbeam Bread $2.59
1 - Gallon Milk $3.79
1 - Fiskar Scissors $.99
Total Value = $441.54
Total OOP = $42.90 (90% savings)
I was so excited to find the Lip Glosses, these will make great stocking stuffers and small gifts for friends. And for those of you in the Burleson area they do still have more.

Mail Call!

You see me post about free to sign up fors all the time, well, now you can see why. This is about 2 weeks worth of freebies I got in the mail. This does not include any of the giveaways I've won, this is strictly things that I provide my name and address for. * Remember to set up an email address strictly for this kinda of thing as you will get spam.

So what all is in this picture:
A razor valued at $10
An asortment of tampons and pads
Snack bars
A baby bottle
A warm delight
A candle
And 2 packages of Nicorrette

So are you asking yourself what is she going to do with all of this stuff?

Well, my mom asked for a Cooler with Wheels back a few months ago for Christmas, so being the ever thoughtful wonderful daughter that I am I am making her cooler into the gift basket of all gift baskets. You see, my mom is a very simple woman in her wants and generally when she ask for something it is very inexpensive.

So the nicorette, candle, razor, snack bars, cereal, and warm delight will all be added to her gift basket along with many other things that I have picked up for free or almost free couponing.

The tampons, pads, and shampoo samples all go in the drawer in my guest bath. And the coupons will go in my binder.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Albertson's Deals 11/11-11/18

Albertson's Deals 11/11 - 11/18
Not a great week, but a few deals to be had!
C&H Pure Cane Sugar, 3/$5 4 lb. Package
$.30 mfg = $.67 each
C&H Powdered or Brown Sugar, 3/$5 2 lb
$0.30/1 Coupons = $.67 each
12 PACK Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke or Coke Zero, 4/$12
PROGRESSO Broth, 2/$4 32 oz.
$1.00/1 Progresso Broth, Any - 10-05-08 GM = $1
MISSION Flour Fajita Tortillas, 4/$5 10 ct. or Corn Tortillas 36 ct.,
$1.00/1 Mission Tortillas Coupon = $.25
L’OREAL Vive Pro, BUY one GET one FREE (Identical Item Only)
Shampoo or Conditioner 13 oz., reg $5.29
use $1 mfg and Albertson Big Book $1.50 q = $.15 each
BIRDS EYE Frozen Vegetables or Steamed Rice, 10/$10
$.35 blinkie = FREE
Kellogg's Cereal, General Mills Cereal and Fruit Snacks 50% OFF
$10 off $100 coupon in ad!

Clearace Alert - Albertson's DFW Area

It has been reported that select Loreal Lip Gloss products are being clearanced to $1.99! Use yofur $2 off coupon for free lip gloss!

Making Turkey and Dressing?

Are you among those of us that make stuffing or dressing for the Thanksgiving Holiday?
Well, I am. A great tip and time saver is to watch for marked down breads and corn bread muffins in your grocery store bakery department. I can often find cornbread muffins for $.75 which isn't but a free pennies more than I would pay for the ingredience to make my own and I will have no mess and less time in the kitchen. I also purchase rolls, buns, and other types of bread here.

CVS Black Friday Sale

Here are some of the highlights for the Black Friday sale that I found at HCW.

5 Hr. energy drink 2 pk. = $3.99 Get $3.99 ECB ( Limit 1 )
Aussie shampoo, conditioner, or styler
= $2.99 Get $2.99 ECB ( Limit 2 )
10/12 PG Aussie product $1 off
Bic Soleil single razor w/2 cartridges & shower holder = $5.99 Get $5.99 ECB ( Limit 2 )
11/2 SS Bic Razor $3 off
Colgate total toothpaste = $2.99 Get $2.99 ECB ( Limit 2 )
11/02 SS $1/1 Colgate Total Advanced, Any 4 Oz.+ = $1.00 MM
Colgate Total Advanced, Any 4 Oz.+ $1.50/1 Welcome to Colgate-Palmolive: oral care, personal care, household care, fabric care and pet nutrition. = $1.50 MM
CoverGirl Smoothers liquid makeup = $7.99 Get $7.99 ECB ( Limit 1 )
10/12 PG $1 off any covergirl11/2 PG $1 off any covergirl
CoverGirl Smoothers pressed powder = $5.99 Get $5.99 ECB ( Limit 1 )
10/12 PG $1 off any cover girl11/2 PG $1 off any cover girl
Garnier Nutritioniste cleansing towelette 25ct = $5.99 Get $5.99 ECB ( Limit 1 )
11/9 RP Garnier Nutritioniste Cleanser $1 off
Gatorade G2 20oz = $1.49 Get $1.49 ECB ( Limit 3 )
Hershey King size bars = $1 Get $1 ECB ( Limit 1 )
Johnsons Soft Lotion = = $5.69 Get $5.69 ECB ( Limit 1 )
11/2 RP Johnsons Baby Product $1 off
IP for $1 off Melt Away Stress or any Johnson's Body Product
L'Oreal Colour Juice sheer lip gloss = $6.99 Get $6.99 ECB ( Limit 2 )
IP for $1 off any L'Oreal product Register, go through one of the diagnostic surveys, at the end you should be able to get the coupon.
Magnavox Universal Remote or Philips headphones = $6.99 Get $6.99 ECB ( Limit 2 )
Maybelline Mineral Powder or Liquid Foundation $8.99 Get $8.99 ECB ( Limit 1 )
9/21 RP Maybelline Foundation $2 off10/26 RP Maybelline Foundation $3 off
Sally Hansen maximum growth plus nourishing nail color = $3.79 Get $3.79 ECB ( Limit 1 )
mq$1 off Sally Hansen nail treatment, color or lip (beauty book exp 12/31/08)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Giveaways Galore at ClassyMommy

Classy Mommy is hosting a ton of giveaways! Click the links below to sign up, you don't have to be a blogger, most end on November 14th so get busy.
Additionally on November 17th she will be hosting a Nintendo Wii Giveaway!

Lots of Free Samples at WalMart

Before I give you the list, make sure you sign up for these with an email address you've created just for signups and such because you will get junk email. I check mine about once a week for coupons and signups that require confirmation and then clean it out.

Now for the Free Samples:
Benefiber On The Go
Glad Food Storage Bags
Free Song Download - a new song each week
Huggies Supreme
Mystery Shampoo/Conditioner
$1.50 Pampers Coupon
Always InfinityPlaytex Sport
Ultra Gain Laundry Detergent Coupon

I Know I'm Neglecting You

I Know, I Know, I Know!

It's been a few days since my last post. Well, I got a virus on my computer on Friday and have been trying to get it up and going again!

Thanks for bearing with me! I have plans to cover a lot over the next few days so here's to hoping my computer is really fixed.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh my Goodness, Oh My Goodness!!

I just checked the mail and got the electric bill, and I am soooo excited. Ok, I know that most people don't get excited when they get their electric bill but mine is about 1/4 of what we budget it for it.

Drum Roll Please .... My electric bill is only $246.36

Please keep in mind that this is only the second month that we have had a full electric bill at our new home. At our last home our electric bill averaged about $1000 a month and it was only about 2600 sq ft, so when we moved into our new home that is 5050 sq ft we thought that maybe we had been billed incorrectly last month when the bill was only $380. Looks like this house is a lot more energy efficent or maybe it is just that hubby isn't home much to leave the lights on.

To be perfectly honest, the first thing that crossed my mind was I can spend more on Christmas, but I think that if I am creative and frugal that my budget will be generous enough. So looks like a little extra for the savings account, or I might just let my hubby pick out a little something nice for himself.
I might actually be able to afford to put lights on my house for Christmas this year.

My Christmas Budget

As part of my frugal lifestyle, I am determined to stay on a budget this year for Christmas, so I thought what better way to keep myself accountable than to post it here. I will update it as I add gifts. Hopefully, not only will this help keep me accountable, it will keep me from hiding something I bought only to find it in January!

My goal is to buy a large family gift from Santa and then only spend $200 on each child. I'm not sure if this will include their stocking stuffers (SS) or not at this point.

Chelsea - 15 yr old Girl
  • SS - Almay Mascara (value $6.99) FREE
$0 Spent - $200 Remaining

Jered - 13 yr old Boy

$0 Spent - $200 Remaining

Bailey - 8 yr old Girl
  • Camp Rock Moon Chair - $6.24
  • Matching Camp Rock Ottoman - $4.98
  • Journal - FREE Giveaway
  • SS - Bath and Body Smell Good - $.99
  • Webkinz Puppy - $6.99
  • Lipgloss Set - Free
  • 2 Sleep Pants - $4 each = $8
  • Little Pet Shop VIP Bunny - $7
  • Enchanted Castle Book = FREE Giveaway
  • 6 Tubs of Floam = $6

$40.20 Spent - $159.80 Remaining

Hannah - 4 yr old Girl
  • Pink and Purple Butterfly Chair - $7.28
  • SS - Bath and Body Smell Good - $.99
  • Felt Paper Doll playset ($26.99 Value) - FREE Giveaway
  • WEbkinz Puppy - $6.99
  • Ling Ling WonderPet - $4.99
  • Little Pet Shop VIP Puppy = $7
  • 2 pr Pajamas $4 each = $8

$35.25 Spent - $164.75 Remaining

Colt - 10 mos old Boy
  • $25 Giftcard to be spent at Build a Bear and $5/25 coupon
  • Fisher Price Walker to Wagon = $10

$10 Spent - $190 Remaining

A Healthy Giveaway!

Crystal at The Thrifty Mama is hosting a giveaway!

She is giving away 5 Gnu Food Bars along with a Suprise gift! According to Crystal these are really great tasting. So Go on over to her site and sign up for this great giveaway!
*UPDATE - This giveaway has been increased to 16 Gnu Food Bars!!

Ebates Special Holiday Promotions!

  • $10 Target Gift Card
  • $10 Circuit City Gift Card
  • $10 iTunes Gift Card
  • $10 Sephora Gift Card
  • Or $5 cash

They have also double the cash back to several stores including:
The Home Depot
Barnes & Nobles
Victoria Secrets

So if you haven't already joined be sure to sign up now, even if you aren't planning on shopping today.
And before you do any shopping check to see if it is a store list at ebates to get money back on your shopping.

I'm Holding A Couponing PARTY!!!

When : November 20th from 6-8 pm
Where : at my home
I have decided to host a coupon party because it just sounds so much funnier than a coupon class. My goal is to help other people save money by doing the same things I am doing.
Come learn the tips and tricks to making your money go futher!
Have a specific topic you want me to cover, let me know and I will try to include that information.
Please let me know if you plan to attend, by posting a reply here or shooting me an email. You may bring a friend or two, but I need a head count for refreshments.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Free Santa Letters

Christmas will be here before you know it and my kids just love getting their letters from Santa. In the past, I have paid up to $15 for a letter from Santa to be sent to my children. Thanks to MoneySavingMethods, I have found a free letter from Santa.

Santa Claus, Indiana has a non profit organization called Santa's Elves, Inc which will provide these letters from Santa for free. Simply click here to go to the Santa Claus Museum site. In the left side menu, you will see a link for Santa Letters.

Free Home & Holiday Gift Pack

Free to the first 20,000 participants will get this free gift pack. Believe me this won't last long!
What all does this gift pack include:
1 Ziploc® Brand Fresh Produce Bag with Moisture Vents
1 Ziploc® Brand Easy Zipper Storage Bag
1 Ziploc® Brand Snack Bag
1 Ziploc® Brand Zip 'n Steam™ Microwave Steam Cooking Bag
1 Ziploc® Brand Snap 'n Seal Container
$8.50 in Coupons
Gift packs will be mailed by January 31, 2009.

Today's Freebies

Click here for a FREE Old Spice Razor!
Click here for a FREE sample of Noxema Triple Clean Blackhead Cleanser.
Click here for a FREE sample of Always Clean - pads with wipes!
Click here for a FREE sample of Always Infinity pads, courtesy of Wal-Mart.
Click here for a FREE sample of a secret salon product that will be revealed at Wal-mart on Nov 24th!
Click here for a FREE Nikon D90 camera strap.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kroger Mega Sale Sneek Peak

Thanks to Tamara at A Cup Full we are able to have at the Mega Sale starting at Kroger tomorrow, this is a 2 week sale so start looking for you qs now.

Sneak Kroger 11/5 ad... Save $5 WYB any 10 products.

$1 each - $0.50 after instant savings
PowerAde ($1/2 tearpad = FREE) (B2 Vitamin Water G1 Powerade, tearpad = $1 overage)
Ozarka 3 ltr (.75/3 insert = $.25 each)
Quaker Rice cakes
Vitaminwater ($0.50/1, doubled tearpad = $0.50 overage)
Swiss Miss Cocoa Mix (loadable shortcut q $.50/2 - $.25 each) FREE $1/2 IP
Carnation Evaporated Milk ($0.50/2, doubled 11-02 RP = FREE) $1/2 IP
Scotch Brite Nail Sponge Savers FREE $1/1 IP

$1.50 each - $1 after instant savings
Alka Seltzer 12 ct ($1/1 IP Print Your Coupon or tearpad = FREE)
Dial pump ($0.30/1, tripled 10-05-08 SS = $0.10)
Dial 3pk Bar ($0.30/1, tripled 10-05-08 SS = $0.10)
Edwards Pie Singles
Plochman's Mustart
Hormel Chili w/o Beans
Early California Olives ($0.50/1, doubled Kroger home mailer = FREE)
Hefty ONE zip 13-22 ct
Kroger Pancake Syrup
Mrs. Smith's 100 calorie deserts
Hunt's Tomatoes or sauce ($40/2 insert doubled = $.20 each, $1/5 loadable shortcut) 5 FREE
Duncan Hines Frosting
Quaker Old Fashioned or Quick Oats ($0.50/1, doubled from 09-07 RP = FREE)
Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes (.35/1 insert = FREE)

$2 each - $1.50 after instant savings
Stouffer's Red Box Frozen Entrees
Claim Jumper Entrees
General Mills Selected Cereals
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
Cheetos or Fritos
Dannon Activia or light n fit or Danactive Danonino
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
Tony's Pizza
Gold Medal Flour
Daisy Sour Cream
Betty Crocker Cookie mix
Duncan Hines Brownie Mix
Kroger Vanilla Wafers or Ginger snaps
Old El Paso Mexican Dinner kits
Super Pretzel
Eagle Brand Condensed Milk
Kroger Pie Filling
Orville Redenbacher Popcorn
Frito Lay Singles
Banquet Boneless Chicken
Dove Pints
Weight Watcher Ice Cream 2 ct
Hershey's 100 Calorie Bar

$2.50 each - $2 after instant savings
Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls
Armour Meatballs
Quaker Old Fashioned or Quick Oats 42 oz
Peter Pan PB
Smuckers Jam or Preserves
Frito Lay Snack Crackers
Glade Candles or scented oils (<-- I'm not sure what exactly this covers, BUT there is a OYNO starting on the 7th. MM???) Snickers or Dove ice cream treats Palmolive Shout Kellogg's Special K Protein water mix or snack bars Stayfree Maxi Pads Carefree Panty Liners $3 each - $2.50 after instant savings
Peppridge Farm Cookies
Totino's Pizza Rolls 40ct
Gorton's Grilled Fish Fillets
PledgeLysol Disinfecting Spray
Hormel Pepperoni
Listerine Mouthwash
Pepperidge Farm Crackers
Simply Orange or Apple Juice
Breyers Ice Cream
Crisco Vegetable
OilWelch's Grape Juice
Tresemme Shampoo/Conditioner or styling products

Still on sale:
Campbell'sHot Pockets
Healthy Choice
Marie Callenders
Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches
Kroger Cheese

*OYNO Deals coming up:Purchase any Glade PlugIns Air Fresheners or Glade Candle Products between 11/7 - 11/30.Buy 3, get $2 OYNOBuy 4, get $3 OYNOBuy 5+, get $4 OYNO

A Quick Kroger and Albertson's Shopping Trip

I ran into Albertson's last night hoping to find some left over double papers, without any luck, but I did manage to snag another good deal.
4 Dial Liquid Soaps Reg $2.29 on sale for $1
4 - $.30 off coupons (Tripled)
Paid: $.43

* Their Dial Bar soap is on sale for $1.25, in the Albertson's Big Savings Book there is a $.75 coupon htat can be ued with the $.30 mfg q = FREE plus $.40 overage
My family will not use the bar soap so the hand soap was a better deal for me.

Then I ran into Kroger to grab some more detergent, but saw a sale on the milk.
3 Purex Detergent on sale for $2.50 each
2 Springdale Gallon Milk $2.50 each (with additional $10 purchase)
2 Kroger Brand Turkey lunch meat marked down to $1.39
3 - $.35 Purex Detergent Qs (tripled)
Total: $12.49 which I put on the giftcard I got last week for buying Glade products and spent nothing out of pocket

While, looking for something to get my total to $10 so I would get the sales price on the milk, I noticed that the Owens Hot Sausage was on markdown to $1.99 and I go through a lot of this during the holidays. Luckily for me I knew I had coupons for it in my binder, which I keep in my car. So back into the store I went.
Second Transaction
3 Purex Detergent on sale for $2.50 each
3 Owens Hot Sausage Markdown to $1.99
1 pk Halloween Candy on clearance .75
3 - $.35 Purex Detergent Qs (tripled)
3 - $.35 Owens Sausage Qs (tripled)
Total: $8.72 which I also used my giftcard for so $0 OOP

My Walgreen Deals This Week!

First Transaction:
4 packs of Walgreen Diapers $8.99 on Sale B1G1
2 Almay Mascara $6.99 on Sale B1G1
$2 off Walgreens Diaper Coupon x 4
$1 off Almay x2
Total: 16.20 on Giftcard from FAR items last month, and will get a $6.99 rebate from Almay Mascara
$2.50 for a pack of diapers is stockpiling price for me, so I plan to make a few more trips this week.

Second Transaction
I forgot all about the Webkinz being on sale until I was almost out the door, so I went back to grab some. These are the only two styles they had and with two little girls they had to be different.
2 Webkinz $6.99
Total: 15.13

Not bad for two Christmas gifts that my little girls really want, since they are generally $15 a piece.

I Won The Build A Bear $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Alaina at Three Ladies and a Dad hosted a great giveaway last week. Her giveaway was for a $25 Build A bear gift card along with a $5 off $25 coupon. And I won!! Yeah ME!
I have my eye on this:Isn't he such a cute pony, I think Colt will love him. But he is only $20, so I still have about $10 to spend before I have used the entire value of my prize. I'm sure that it won't be hard to gather an additional $10 in merchandise once I am actually in the store.

I Won the KatyDid and Kid Giveaway!

Kathleen at Katydid and Kid hosted a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to Story Time Felts that I won! I got so excited and rushed over to Store Time Felts to spend it. Karen was so wonderful! I absolutely loved paper dolls as a child, so the felt doll really caught my attention. I choose the Jessica uncut felt doll kit for $22.99 so I wouldn't go over my $25 limit, and Karen replied that she would send out the Jessica cut doll kit for $26.99 because she had it in stock instead so I wouldn't have to wait.

Thanks you to both you ladies.

FREE Imitation Leather Throw Deal!

I am so loving all of the online deals you can find right now, it seems that around the holidays that get better but they are available all year long.

Want the deal?

Brylane Home is offering a Free imitation leather throw with any purchase.

I purchased a bath mat for $3.59 paid $4.99 in shipping and got the free imitation leather throw using code BHWARMUP. They also had some neat looking Tater Mitts for $4.99. To sweeten the deal I shopped through Ebates and will get 3% back on my purchase, which isn't much but with all of the online deals that we are finding it will quickly add up, so if you haven't signed up now is a good time.

By the way, when signing up through ebates you get a $5 sign up bonus, and I get a $5 refer bonus if you use my link so we all win on this one!

Other Coupons Codes that are currently available:
BHCUDDLEUP -20% off all comforters, quilts, total bed sets
BHNEW08 - 10% off your favorite item
BHABLF08 - 30% off your favorite item
BHA1000 - 20% off your favorite item
BHA1002 - $20 off orders of $100 or more
BHAH01 - $15 off orders of $75 or more
BHA1001 - 10% off Entire Order

Special thanks to Crystal at The Thrifty Mama for sharing this deal!

*Hint - This would make a really nice cheap Xmas gift if you aren't interested in it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Swagbucks Search Engine

Swagbucks is a search engine that allows you to earn points doing things that you do everyday anyway. You can earn points by searching the internet through their site and my shopping.
While I don't shop through their site, because I get a better rebate at Ebates, I do use their search engine.
What I like about their search engine is that I didn't have to download their toolbar, I just saved Swagbucks in my favorites and go to their site before I start my searching.
I have been using this site for about a week or week and a half and I am already ready to cash in on my $5 Amazon gift card.
Next I will start getting the $5 Starbuck giftcards for teacher gifts and stocking stuffers.
If you don't search as much as I do, and I am always on the internet researching something for school or looking for a great deal, then it might take a little longer for you to get your prizes.
Swagbucks is absolutely free to use, so why not get little gifts for doing what you already do.

One of my Favorite Sites

I have to say that I just love Crystal's site The Thrifty Mama.
I found Crystal on Hot Coupon World where she had mentioned her blog in a post she did. I just couldn't resist and PMed her and asked for her blog address. I think was one of the smartest things I have done on My Frugal Journey.
Crystal not only post the hottest deals (in fact she just posted a diaper deal this week that you really should check out here), but Crystal is a Christian women that doesn't post about taking advantage of the system or doing things that aren't legit. From one Christian woman to another that was what really got me to reading her blog.
She features Festival of Frees on Monday, Tuesday Testimonies which are very uplifting, Link your Giveaways on Wednesday (this is a great place to find giveaways), and Wednesday Websites (she features different blogs and tells us what she likes about them, I have found this a greta way to find other blogs that I probably won't have been able to locate on my own). And all of that is in addition to her weekly CVS and Walgreens deals.
Just a note about Crystal, she loves organic groceries and often post about great ways to find organic deals, for those of you that also love organic deals her site is definitely worth checking out.

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