Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Great Deals At Walgreens

3 Benefiber Sticks (Kiwi Strawberry) @ $7.99
3 Pert Plus @ $3.49
Coupons Used
3 Oct ES Benefiber $5/1
3 Oct ES Pert Plus $2.50
3 Mfg Benefiber $2/1
3 Mfg Pert Plus $2/1
Pay $-.06 so get a small filler, get $8 back in RR

I will be doing this deal several times. And using the RR’s I receive to purchase FAR items, and other great deals. (like the candy rebate deal)

Thanks to Crystal at The Thrifty Mama for a heads up on the Benefiber Deal.

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