Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are you an Impulsive Shopper

I am! So, to help keep me on my budget, I have started calling my husband to discuss any purchase over $50 that we have not already discussed. You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff I talk myself out of while my hubby is tellng me to get it if I really want it. So he is not much help, but taking the time to talk things out with him and decide on whether it is something that I really want or something I could find cheaper else where is really helping keep me on track. And if it is something that I am really on the fence about, I will take a picture with my cell phone and go home talk to my hubsand about it again and sleep on it. If I still really want it the next morning, I will return to the store and get it. So far, this has only happened twice, and once it was for a hamper that was $70 or so the next day when I went back they were marked down 50%, so in that case it really paid off to be patient.

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