Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today has been Jammed Packed with Deals

My husband and I go into Arlington every other Saturday or so. He needs a hair cut, we take his dad to lunch, and I get to garage sale on the way and he helps with the kids.

We probably stopped at 10-12 garage sales. I only spent about $55 total but got Colt a lot of name brand two piece winter outfits that were all in EUC. I also picked up Hannah 2 more pr of Jeans, some leggings, and a few shirts. I got Chelsea a pair of jeans and about 5 shirts. I picked up Bailey some Webkinz for her collection. I got Jamie a new bike for $35 (ouch) but his other got stolen and now that he is not at home he needs away to get back and forth to work. And I got a few misc. things. Every thing I got this morning was name brand and in EUC or GUC. I was very pleased.

After lunch, we went to get my hubby's hair cut. Right next door is Once Upon A Child. For those of you who are not familiar with this store it is a children's resale store. So while he is gettng a hair cut I always go next door to shop. I found and outfit I liked and it had a red line drawn through the price tag, so I asked what that meant, in the past it was 50% off but I like to make sure. So the manager, who knows me said that it means they are $.75. So I start looking for red marks.
This is what I got:
(1) Black LS Shirt Hannah $3.99
(1) Polo Hiking Boots Colt $6.50
(1) Puma Shoes Colt $3.50
(2) 1pc Long Polo Outfits Colt $.75
(3) LS Polo Shirts Colt $.75
(2) LS Old Navy Onesies Colt $.75
(1) LS Levi Onesie Colt $.75
(1) Children's Place Polo Onesie Colt $.75
I spent and little over $21.....
The Polo Boots alone retail for over $65

So after we got home, I got on the computer. I have been watching a bedroom set for Jered on Ebay. Until about a hour until the end of the auction there were no bids. At 5 minutes till there were 2 by the same bidder, so I waited until 18 seconds until the end and entered my max bid $301. I won the bid by $1!!!! So Jered will be getting a new Full Size bed with Twin Trundle underneath, a night stand, dresser, deck and chair for his room. This furniture looks Brand New with the exception of a small ding on the trundle where someone stood on the side, it really isn't noticeable and since he will only use the trundle when he has friends over it will be covered by his new bedding I get to go get...
I still have $3694 left to go in my furnishing and decorating budget and have four rooms furnished!!!

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