Sunday, November 16, 2008

Swagbucks GiftCards

I've earned enough points to cash in on another Amazon giftcard, but with this new promotion I think I am going to hold onto them and see how many more I can earn.
Swagbucks has just annouced Mega Swag Bucks! Now you can win 10, 20, 50, & 100 swagbucks when you do searched. In addition this month they started Swag Buck Fridays, were they guarantee 1000 swag bucks to be given away!

For those of you that haven't heard of Swagbucks, they are a online search engine that I started using about a month or so ago. Everytime I search I just go to their site first. I really like that I don't have to down load anything in order to be able to take advantage of this program. Oh, and that it is 100% free! So if you haven't joined sign up you have nothing to lose.

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