Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Thrifty Christmas Ornament

Crystal at The Thrifty Mama is hosting a Thrifty Christmas Round up, so I thought I would participate and share some of my thrifty Christmas Tree Decor.

Living in TX, I like things just a little rustic, so I love this ornament and can't wait to remember to request paper bags so the kids and I can make some.

My Paper Bag Ornament
Brown Paper Bags
Yarn or Ribbon
A Hole Punch
A Template for the shape of your choose. About 4" wide

I cut stars (but you can cut any shape that you like) out of brown paper sacks. I generally find a template on line and print it, and then use it as my pattern.

Then I will stack them together and use a hole punch to punch holes around the edges.

Once you holes are punched, take two stars and put them together (of course with any print on the inside) and let you Kids sew them together with yarn or a pretty ribbon.

I generally glue on a small raffia bow at the top and they are done.

Just before they are done, I take a small piece of newspaper and wrinkle it up to stuff inside to make it puffy, and then finish the sewing by tying a pretty bow.

I like the basic rustic look of the paperbag ornament, but you could also let your children draw or color on the paper bag before you begin for a keepsake ornament.

Additionally, My sister often ads a Cowboy hat to the top of tree to save on the cost of a tree topper.

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