Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ebates Special Holiday Promotions!

  • $10 Target Gift Card
  • $10 Circuit City Gift Card
  • $10 iTunes Gift Card
  • $10 Sephora Gift Card
  • Or $5 cash

They have also double the cash back to several stores including:
The Home Depot
Barnes & Nobles
Victoria Secrets

So if you haven't already joined be sure to sign up now, even if you aren't planning on shopping today.
And before you do any shopping check to see if it is a store list at ebates to get money back on your shopping.

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Keara said...

Microsoft's also offers a cash back program. Right now they are offering 25% cash back on your first ebay purchase using paypal through them! 25%!!! I just completed my first purchase using thier program. Go to and search for what you are looking for and the word ebay at the end. I searched for "Rose Petal Cottage Ebay." A sponsor link will appear at the top with a logo about the 25% offer. Create a microsoft live account and complete your purchase. It is really very simple and you can definately trust the site because its Microsoft. I am going to start comparing the cash bacj percentages between ebates and live cashback for all my online purchases. I noticed many stores had a higher cash back percentage on navy for example is 15% an is 20%!

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