Friday, November 14, 2008

Mail Call!

You see me post about free to sign up fors all the time, well, now you can see why. This is about 2 weeks worth of freebies I got in the mail. This does not include any of the giveaways I've won, this is strictly things that I provide my name and address for. * Remember to set up an email address strictly for this kinda of thing as you will get spam.

So what all is in this picture:
A razor valued at $10
An asortment of tampons and pads
Snack bars
A baby bottle
A warm delight
A candle
And 2 packages of Nicorrette

So are you asking yourself what is she going to do with all of this stuff?

Well, my mom asked for a Cooler with Wheels back a few months ago for Christmas, so being the ever thoughtful wonderful daughter that I am I am making her cooler into the gift basket of all gift baskets. You see, my mom is a very simple woman in her wants and generally when she ask for something it is very inexpensive.

So the nicorette, candle, razor, snack bars, cereal, and warm delight will all be added to her gift basket along with many other things that I have picked up for free or almost free couponing.

The tampons, pads, and shampoo samples all go in the drawer in my guest bath. And the coupons will go in my binder.

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