Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't Forget Those Budgets

This will be a very hectic week for me. Generally by this point in my Christmas shopping I have bought most of our smaller gifts only holding out for the Black Friday Sales for the large gifts. Well, I haven't done so hot this year with Dallas being out of town. See, I like for Dallas and I to do the Christmas shopping together so he knows exactly what I'm spending where and on who. It makes it so much easier on me to, when I have a sounding board.

With that being said, Dallas flys home tommorrow night, my birthday is Wednesday, Thursday is Thanksgiving, and Friday is Black Friday. I am exhausted already, but I am really excited to get the tree up and get the gifts under it.

Here is my original Christmas Budget with gifts that I have already purchased.

Chelsea wants a new iphone/ipod thingy (I have no idea what this is just that it is $300), new bedding, and lots of clothes.

Hannah wants a Kitchen, a Jumper (trampoline), Snow White and a Leapster.

Bailey wants a DS and an electric scooter.

Jered wants a DS.

And little Colt is just along for the ride.

Oh and my dear husband wants a new pair of ostrich boots ($450) with matching belt ($150) and buckle set ($250). I just not sure he's been this good this year! LOL! However, I know that in addition to whatever else he gets me this year, I will be getting a new laptop and I know that he will spare no expense so I will only get the best of the best (it's a thing with him, he is not very frugal, he is definitely a bigger is better kinda guy). With that being said, he doesn't ask for much. He travels most of the time to provide well for our family, so I'm sure Santa will be generous to him this year as well.

So that leaves me to the shopping!
I haven't found a killer deal on the kitchen yet, which by the way Colt will love as much as Hannah. I plan on putting it in my office so they can play while I work on the computer. And because my office is downstairs and the gameroom is upstairs, and I'm just not ready for my little man to be out of my site yet.

Walmarts BlackFriday deals include:
The Leapster @ $30
The Trampoline with security net @ $140
8" digital picture frames @ $39 (I'm thinking grandparents)
They also have kids jeans for $4 a pair and PJs too, so I will be buying some of these, not for Christmas particularly but because we can always use a few more pair of jeans and jammies.
Their 2 day sale includes:
Mario DS system @ $129 (I think)

None of the kids have mentioned a Wii lately, so Santa might be changing his mind and bringing them something else. I think the Trampoline will probably be a Santa gift as well since it will be a family gift and I won't have to wrap it.

If you don't have a budget yet, sit down and take a few minutes to get a game plan. The holidays should be fun and exciting not stressful because we overspent and will struggle to get them paid off. And controll those impulse purchases. Don't be afraid to return something that you bought that you probably shouldn't have.

Wishing you and your families a blessed Holiday season!


The Keevy Family said...

Deane, I am so glad that you want to follow along with me when I read "Don't make me count to three" Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I accidentally hit "reject" from my phone. I hate it when I do that! I am copying your comment into my box again as I cannot un-reject comments. I have yet to get mine from the library, I hope it comes soon. That is a bummer that you don't have a library close! I don't know what I would do! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought this blog was about frugality until I saw your Christmas lists. Ha! I suppose everyone's "frugality" is different that's all. Did you mean that your lists was just what they wanted or that you actually intend to deliver?

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