Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Quick Trip to Target

I have been sorting and organizing coupons all weekend trying to get ready for my couponing class, when I found a stack of coupons that I had set aside to use and forgot about.

Well, one of the coupons was the $3/3 Johnson's Buddies

So, while on a quick trip to Target last night for alarm clocks for the kiddos, I snagged:
18 - Buddy Bars - $.97 each less coupon $-.03
So I used the $.54 overage towards the purchase of alarm clocks.

*Dana I saved plenty of coupons for you!

Just a note for those with Super Targets: Target has reactivated their AcherFarms Coffee Coupons for $1 and the $2 Steak Printable Coupons.
There are $.99 Archer Farm coffees in a variety of favors, I have been told they were good, but I honestly don't know since I don't drink coffee. But they will make nice little thank you gifts for teachers and such sitting in a cute mug for the dollar store.
And if you look for the small or individual steak packages, those $2 coupons could make for some really cheap steak. Just a thought, since there isn't a limit on how many you can print.

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