Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free Entertainment Book!

For those of you not familar with the Entertainment Book, let me tell you, this book is packed full of great coupons. The one for my area has over 240 dinning coupons alone. My family likes to eat out so paying the full price is well worth it for these books, but you can get one for free or almost free.

Want to know how to get yours?
Cashbaq offers a $5 bonus when you sign up with them. Right now they are offering $10 payment when you purchase the Entertainment book. The Entertainment book is on sale for $25 (in my area) using a $10 coupon = $15 with free shipping. Less the rebate from Cashbaq = Free for ME!
This is how it worked for me:
Purchase Entertainment Book through Cahbaq $15
Earn sign up bonus -$5
Cashbaq Entertainment Book Cash Back - $10

If you sign up for the automatic renewal you will get an additional $5 credit, however they will charge you full price next year. I don't recommend you doing this, but they will send you a reminder card.


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Lazy Housewife said...

What a great deal! The entertainment book looks great but there's nothing within 50 miles of me; I wish they had more in this area :)

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