Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Miss My Grocery Deals Too!

I thought thiscomment was valid and really needed to be addressed:
Anonymous said...
"I miss your great grocery deal blogs!!! Any good deals lately??"

Honestly, I miss my grocery deal blogs too. Things have been pretty crazy lately with hubby out of town, kids being sick, friends needing me, and well the sales have been horrible, so I just haven't been doing any grocery shopping. I am in full blown gotta get Christmas together and I should have started a lot sooner mood. Not to mention there are just so many wonderful giveaways right now that I can enter from the comfort of my warm and cozy home, I HATE the cold weather, part of the reason I live in TX.

I promise as soon as Christmas is over, the grocery deals will be back. Cuz, well, while I had a great stock pile, things are getting a little low. Hopefully the sales will pick back up, I'm asking Santa for another Mega Sale for Christmas!

Which store deals are the most beneficial to you. I mean, I love sharing all of my deals, but I want to make sure that I am prioritizing what helps everyone else out. So, let me know.


Anonymous said...

which stores??? This is my list of most important to least:

Deane said...

That works out well,since that is pretty much the order I like to shop! Kroger is definitely my favorite, their everyday prices are a bit less than Albertson's but a sale is a sale.

Kevin4885 said...

i miss the grocery deals too--what you spent where you got the coupon what store--etc....

Deane said...

Those will be the kind of deals I am posting just as soon as I get past the holidays and am able to actually start grocery shopping again. This month has not been very budget friendly we have been eating out a lot.