Friday, December 19, 2008

A Neat New Way to Earn A Little Cash! is a neat little way I have found to earn money online! If you like to blog this is definitely something to check out. It's easy, just go to, open a free account, pick a category, and name a blog. It's that easy, I'm was approved in less than 24 hours. After being approved you just log on and make a post of at least 100 words (bu the way I am already at 69, so it doesn't take much) and hit publish. will pay for 1 - 100 word post per day! So you could easily make $30 a month just writing about what every you like! I am actually using mine as a journal and they are paying me for it. Even better, they pay you when people read your post, not much, but something!

This is incredible easy, anyone can do it! Get Paid to Blog At!


keara said...

That is a great piece of info! I have already submitted an application to start blogging!

Thanks for a great way to earn some extra cash! What other ways do you earn $ from home? I know you do the cashcrate, and now more?????

PS:Love your blog!!!!

Deane said...

I do lots of little things that add up. For example, all of the images on my sidebar for free stuff, when anyone clicks on those and signs up I make a few cents, but they add up.

I am going to try to start featuring a few of the ways that I am earning $$$ each week, once things settle down.
Right now, I am really liking there is a link on my home page, every time I go a search I just use their search engine and win points, I then trade in my points for giftcards to amazon. Amazon has great deals every year on some of the hotest toys so I'm saving mine for next year.

Puanani503 said...

wow..thanks Deane..I just started
and have been searching for ways
to make extra cash..this is
wonderful, I luv your blog also, very informative..happy new years!!

Deane said...

Your welcome! It's not a lot of money, but I have enjoyed the short post I make. And the additional $30 a month will definitely help out my savings.