Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday!

What's on your Tackle It List?

Well, among other things on my Tackle It list today is to get all of the lights on my Christmas tree so the kids can decorate it tonight after dinner.

Nevermind, that my tree is pre-lite. It just didn't come with enough lights, and I really like the pearl lights that I add, I admit that during the day they don't do wonders for my tree, but I am very much a tree light snob and refuse to leave them off!

Oh, and did you notice that it looks like my tree is going through my ceiling? Well, it kinda is. You see last year, I purchased my beautiful 9' pre-lite Christmas tree that retailed for $600 for $200 during Black Friday and at that time I had 12' ceilings. This year is another story. My new home only has 8' ceilings so my poor hubby had to do some tuggin and pushin to get my tree up this year, I just could bring myself to purchase another one. I plan on making a very large bow for the top of my tree so hopefully it won't be that noticable.

Now, I need to go work on the rest of my Tackle It Tuesday list: wash the sink of dishes, turn over the laundry, make my bed (shh don't tell hubby, I don't make it as soon as I get out of it), sweep the floors, and wrap some gifts before it is timet o pick up the kids from school.

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